The New Organic Grower - Eliot Coleman
A Master Manual for Tools and Techniques

Earth Users Guide to Permaculture

Backyard Composting - John Roulac

The Story of the Potato - Alan Wilson
300 varieties illustrated in colour painting

Organic Ground Maintenance Manual - HDRA
Valuable advice for chemical free play areas for children

The History and Social Influence of the Potato - Redcliffe Salaman
An erudite treatise first published in 1949

The Living Land - Jules Pretty
Sustainable agriculture for the future

My Kind of Self-sufficiency - Phil Roosby
Working towards self-sufficiency in Yorkshire

Permaculture Plot
A guide to sites throughout GB

Working with Living Willows
A small instruction manual

Great Potato Cookbook
Recipe book

Organic Garden Pocket Encyclopedia - Geoff Hamilton

Wild Food - Roger Phillips
Photographic guide to finding, cooking, and eating wild plants, mushrooms and seaweed

Bottling, Pickling and Preserving - E. Lambert Ortiz

Wild Flower Gardening - Y. Rees

Eco-Renovation - Edward Harland

Forest Gardening - Robert de Hart

Geoff Hamilton: A man and his garden

Salads for Small Gardens - Joy Larkom

Types in the Environment - Environment Agency
Report of a problem about to happen

How to Make a Wildlife Garden - Chris Baines

Organic Growing for Small Gardens: vegetables naturally - Jim Hay

Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables - Lawrence D. Hills

Alpine Gardening - Lawrence D. Hills
Contains many tips and hints other than those for which he was a renowned expert

The Little Earth Book - James Bruges
An anxious look at the future

Garden Wisdom - Sharon Amos

Garden Wildlife of Britain and Europe

Royal Horticultural Society series (well illustrated and easy to follow):
Garden Pests and Diseases
Garden Planning
Garden Structures
Plant Propagation
Ponds and Water Features
Water Gardening

British Berries - David C. Lang
Expertly researched and full of useful information

Herbs for Cooking - Phillips and Rix

Pot-Pourri Making - Margaret Roberts
A well-illustrated little book

Allotments - Colin Ward

Flora Brittanica - Richard Mabey

Organic Tomatoes. The Inside Story - T. Marshall
A scientific treatise well written by our own Yorkshire expert

The Care of House Plants - David Longman
An illustrated guide

The Colour Guide to Vegetable Growing - T. Wellsted

The Gardenerís Guide - David Squire
How to grow flowers, trees, and shrubs

Garden for All Seasons - Fred Whitsey
A personal view with many illustrations

The Gardening Year - Readers Digest
A thick encyclopaedic book

The Garden Lovers Guide to Britain

Agroforestry Research Trust
An informative seed and plant catalogue for trees and wild plants

The Low Maintenance Garden - George Rose
A weekend gardenerís way to achieve it

The Sensuous Garden - Monty Don

Organic Gardening - P. Blackburne-Maze

My Kind of Life - Phil Roosby
A sequel to My Kind of Self-Sufficiency

Standards for Organic Food and Farming
Soil Association
Authoritative reference standard Ė March 1996